1. Thought it was Monday today. So this is what I did.

  2. Yayy I can finally post this! I designed this for one of my best friends as a 21st birthday present. She loves superhero comics, in particular Phantom (which explains the purple) Alladin (which explains the magic carpet) and her dog Nala. So this is the resulting concoction of all of these things in an A2 poster design :)

  3. So I totally forgot to post this ages ago. I designed this for a wallpaper competition and I didn’t win, but all in all I’m pretty happy with how it turn out. I had to upload it as a screen capture as the jpeg file wouldn’t upload.

  4. What’s up dog?

    Something random I decided to design today. It’s feel like it’s quite Mambo-esque.

  5. Reality will never be enough now after dreaming I’d hung out with Paramore and been asked to go backstage. Guess I’ll go where the dreamers go. Maybe an Adventure Time inspired design will compensate… haha, hope it’s well liked

  6. Just submitted this to the Paramore fan art page. It’s taken me a while to put it up, but here it is :)

  7. Just another Paramore inspired design. 

  8. Daydreaming into the night

  9. 'We want it now'. Just a little sketch.


  10. Me paying homage to the Batman- Earth One comic book with some sketches of a few of the strips. Could keep drawing these all day.